1. 28 Mar, 2017 1 commit
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      Adds additionall configuration options from debugging · cdc634a1
      Thiago Santini authored
      When using 640x480 @ 120 FPS and the processing can't keep up with
      the frame rate, some glitches start showing in the images; these commit
      adds some additional options that were used during test and might be
      useful in the future.
      I'm not entirely sure where these glitches come from, but it seems they originate
      within libuvc.
      After tracing it back to this point, increasing
      LIBUVC_NUM_TRANSFER_BUFS  seems to get rid of the bug.
      However, setting it too high impedes opening all three pupil cameras.
      Temporary solution is to make sure processing can keep up with the
      framerate (e.g., by downsizing the processing input in EyeRecToo).
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