Commit d4a17470 authored by Thiago Santini's avatar Thiago Santini

Adapts bandwith factor for pupil field camera to mimic their settings

parent d1f27360
......@@ -136,7 +136,15 @@ bool UVCCameraSession::startPreview()
return false;
res = uvc_stream_start(strmh, cb, (void*) this, 1.3f, 0);
float bandwidthFactor = 1.3f;
uvc_device_descriptor *desc;
uvc_get_device_descriptor(dev, &desc);
QString name(desc->product);
if (name.contains("ID2"))
bandwidthFactor = 2.0f;
res = uvc_stream_start(strmh, cb, (void*) this, bandwidthFactor, 0);
if (res != UVC_SUCCESS) {
qWarning() << "uvc_stream_start" << uvc_strerror(res);
return false;
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