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GH-2 Fixes URLs

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......@@ -62,13 +62,13 @@ use the uvcengine; see the **Running** section for details.
## Running
Binaries can be downloaded [here](
Binaries can be downloaded [here](
**NOTE:** Additionally, you may need to install drivers to access your eye tracker
1. Dikablis eye trackers require the
[VRMagic drivers]( (make sure you
[VRMagic drivers]( (make sure you
have the 64 bits version)
2. For Pupil eye trackers, check the [Pupil Labs' guide](
3. (Windows only) for better interfacing with UVC-compliant cameras, we recommend to change the camera drivers to enable the uvcengine.
......@@ -189,10 +189,10 @@ Exposed functionality at the moment includes:
- calibrationToggleKey = Qt::Key_S:
> Toggles calibration.
- collectionToggleKey = Qt::Key_C:
> Toggles *CalibMe* marker collection.
- recordingToggleKey = Qt::Key_R:
> Toggles recording.
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