Commit 0adc0515 authored by Thiago Santini's avatar Thiago Santini

Updates about to list linked libraries

parent 13eb525d
......@@ -618,6 +618,16 @@ void MainWindow::showAboutDialog()
msg.append("Contact: <a href=\"[EyeRecToo] Contact\" target=\"_top\"></a><br><br>");
msg.append("Copyright &copy; 2019 Thiago Santini<br><br>");
msg.append(QString("Build: %1 %2").arg(GIT_BRANCH).arg(GIT_COMMIT_HASH));
msg.append("EyeRecToo dynamically links to:<br>");
msg.append("-Qt (LGPL)<br>");
msg.append("-FFmpeg (LGPL)<br>");
msg.append("-Eigen (LGPL)<br>");
msg.append("-libusb (LGPL)<br>");
msg.append("-pthreads4w (LGPL)<br>");
msg.append("-OpenCV (3-clause BSD)<br>");
msg.append("-libjpeg-turbo (3-clause BSD)<br>");
msg.append("-libuvc (BSD)<br>");
QMessageBox::about(this, "About", msg);
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