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    Experimenting with new container and codec · be8dcf19
    Thiago Santini authored
    Since OpenCV seems able to handle other containers now, we are moving away
    from .avi (and it's small size limitation).
    I experimented with 3 codecs for static and dynamic scenes and had mixed
    results when comparing MPEG4 and H264; based on the Surface results (least
    powerfull test device), I'm going with MPEG4 to begin with.
    This choice is also better from the usability side since the user no
    longer has to download the Cisco dlls.
    MJPEG is faster, but the video size becomes huge too fast. In the future,
    we make this parametrizable for the user similar to Pupil Labs.
    On an additional note, the generated .mp4 videos are playable with Pupil Player
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