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Commit 95e1372c authored by Thiago C. Santini's avatar Thiago C. Santini

Adds inpout32 dependency for parallel port access

parent f459913b
#pragma once
//Functions exported from DLL.
//For easy inclusion is user projects.
//Original InpOut32 function support
void _stdcall Out32(short PortAddress, short data);
short _stdcall Inp32(short PortAddress);
//My extra functions for making life easy
BOOL _stdcall IsInpOutDriverOpen(); //Returns TRUE if the InpOut driver was opened successfully
BOOL _stdcall IsXP64Bit(); //Returns TRUE if the OS is 64bit (x64) Windows.
//DLLPortIO function support
UCHAR _stdcall DlPortReadPortUchar (USHORT port);
void _stdcall DlPortWritePortUchar(USHORT port, UCHAR Value);
USHORT _stdcall DlPortReadPortUshort (USHORT port);
void _stdcall DlPortWritePortUshort(USHORT port, USHORT Value);
ULONG _stdcall DlPortReadPortUlong(ULONG port);
void _stdcall DlPortWritePortUlong(ULONG port, ULONG Value);
//WinIO function support (Untested and probably does NOT work - esp. on x64!)
PBYTE _stdcall MapPhysToLin(PBYTE pbPhysAddr, DWORD dwPhysSize, HANDLE *pPhysicalMemoryHandle);
BOOL _stdcall UnmapPhysicalMemory(HANDLE PhysicalMemoryHandle, PBYTE pbLinAddr);
BOOL _stdcall GetPhysLong(PBYTE pbPhysAddr, PDWORD pdwPhysVal);
BOOL _stdcall SetPhysLong(PBYTE pbPhysAddr, DWORD dwPhysVal);
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