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Completed section on 'Creating a Custom AXI IP'.

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......@@ -28,3 +28,28 @@ After you successfully created a new Vivado project do the following steps to cr
![menu - tools - create and package ip](./images/create_and_package_ip01.png "menu - tools - create and package ip")
2. Click _Next >_
![click next](./images/create_and_package_ip02.png "click next")
3. Choose _Create a new AXI4 peripheral_.
![choose create a new axi4 peripheral](./images/create_and_package_ip03.png "choose create a new axi4 peripheral")
4. Choose a name, description and location for the new AXI4 peripheral. The name in this tutorial is `axi4_pl_interrupt_generator` and the location is `[...]/ip_repo`.
![choose name and description](./images/create_and_package_ip04.png "choose name and description")
5. Keep the AXI4-Lite slave interface and click _Next >_
![click next](./images/create_and_package_ip05.png "click next")
6. Choose _Edit IP_ and click _Finish_
![edit ip](./images/create_and_package_ip06.png "edit ip")
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