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![edit ip edit in ip packager](./images/edit_ip11.png "edit ip edit in ip packager")
## Zynq Block Diagram
So that your custom AXI4 IP can be implemented on the Zynq PL and connected to the Zynq PS you have to create a block diagram in Vivado. The following steps will show you how to do that:
1. Click on _Flow Navigator -> IP Integrator -> Create Block Diagram_.
![create block diagram](./images/block_diagram01.png "create block diagram")
2. Choose a name, directory, and specify a source set for the block diagram. In this tutorial everything stays at the default.
![block diagram choose name](./images/block_diagram02.png "block diagram choose name")
3. Right-click on the white background of the _Diagram_ tab and choose _Add IP_.
![block diagram add ip](./images/block_diagram03.png "block diagram add ip")
4. From the list of IPs choose _ZYNQ7 Processing System_ (this is the Zynq PS) and double-click on it.
![block diagram zynq ps](./images/block_diagram04.png "block diagram zynq ps")
5. You can now see the Zynq PS in the block diagram. Click on _Run Block Automation_ to connect the Zynq PS with the memory.
![block diagram run block automation](./images/block_diagram05.png "block diagram run block automation")
6. Leave everything at the default values and click on _OK_.
![block diagram run block automation ok](./images/block_diagram06.png "block diagram run block automation ok")
7. To connect the interrupt ports of your AXI4 IP to the Zynq PS the Zynq PS needs interrupt ports. To enable those interrupt ports double-click on the Zynq PS in the block diagram.
![block diagram zynq ps](./images/block_diagram07.png "block diagram zynq ps")
8. In the _Re-customize IP_ window go to _Page -> Navigator -> Interrupts_.
![block diagram interrupts](./images/block_diagram08.png "block diagram interrupts")
9. Unfold _Fabric Interrupts -> PL-PS Interrupt Ports_ and check _IRQ\_F2P[15:0]_ and click _OK_.
![block diagram irq f2p](./images/block_diagram09.png "block diagram irq f2p")
10. TODO
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