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Author: Konstantin Lübeck (University of Tübingen, Chair for Embedded Systems)
# Setting up a PL to PS interrupt on the Zedboard
This tutorial shows you how to setup a PL to PS interrupt on the Zedboard using Vivado and the Xilinx SDK
## Requirements
- Vivado 2016.4
- Zedboard
## Creating a New Vivado Project
This part is pretty straight forward. You can look up how to setup a new Vivado project here:
Thoughout this tutorial the name for the Vivado project is `pl_to_ps_interrupt_example`.
## Creating a Custom AXI IP
After you successfully created a new Vivado project do the following steps to create a custom AXI IP which will issue the interrupts from the PL to the PS with an AXI slave interface.
1. Open: _Menu -> Tools -> Create and Package IP_.
![menu - tools - create and package ip](./images/create_and_package_ip01.png "menu - tools - create and package ip")
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