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Thoughout this tutorial the name for the Vivado project is `pl_to_ps_interrupt_example`.
## Creating a Custom AXI IP
## Creating a Custom AXI4 IP
After you successfully created a new Vivado project do the following steps to create a custom AXI IP which will issue the interrupts from the PL to the PS with an AXI slave interface.
......@@ -53,3 +53,108 @@ After you successfully created a new Vivado project do the following steps to cr
![edit ip](./images/create_and_package_ip06.png "edit ip")
## Edit AXI4 IP
After the successful creation of the new IP a new Vivado project was opened. In this project you can find the Vivado generated Verilog code for the AXI4-Lite slave and a top module (wrapper) which contains the AXI4-Lite slave.
![sources](./images/edit_ip01.png "sources")
* `axi4_pl_interrupt_generator_v1_0` contains the top module
* `axi4_pl_interrupt_generator_v1_0_S00_AXI_inst`contains the Verilog code for the AXI4-Lite slave.
The AXI4-Lite slave will be used to set and clear the interrupt from the PS.
Double-click on `axi4_pl_interrupt_generator_v1_0_S00_AXI_isnt` and navigate to the ports definition and add your own ports under `// Users to add ports here`.
// Users to add ports here
output wire interrupt_0,
output wire interrupt_1,
// User ports ends
Those two wires will later be connected to outputs of the top module which will be then connected to the interrupt ports of the PS.
Navigate to `// Add user logic here` and add the following:
// Add user logic here
assign interrupt_0 = slv_reg0[0:0];
assign interrupt_1 = slv_reg1[1:1];
// User logic ends
This will connect the wires to the LSB of the slave registers 0 and 1 to which the PS can write directly (`slv_reg0[0:0]` and `slv_reg1[0:0]`).
The newly added ports of the AXI4-Lite slave also have to be added to the module instantiation in the top module `axi4_pl_interrupt_generator`. Double-click on `axi4_pl_interrupt_generator` in the sources tree and navigate to: `// Instantiation of Axi Bus Interface S00_AXI` and add the new ports to the port map:
// Instantiation of Axi Bus Interface S00_AXI
axi4_pl_interrupt_generator_v1_0_S00_AXI # (
) axi4_pl_interrupt_generator_v1_0_S00_AXI_inst (
`interrupt_0`and `interrupt_1` will be connected to `interrupt_0` and `interrupt_1` of the top module. To add `interrupt_0` and `interrupt_1` to the top module navigate to `// Users to add ports here` and add the following:
// Users to add ports here
output wire interrupt_0,
output wire interrupt_1,
// User ports ends
When the PS sets the LSB of `slv_reg0` or `slv_reg1` in the AXI4-Lite slave from 0 to 1 a rising edge will be seen at the output ports `interrrupt_0` and `inpterrupt_1` of the `axi4_pl_interrupt_generator`. This concludes the edits in the Verilog code of the AXI4-Lite slave.
1. Click on the tab _Package IP - axi\_pl\_interrupt\_generator_.
![package ip](./images/edit_ip02.png "package ip")
2. Click on _File Groups_ in _Packaging Steps_.
![file groups](./images/edit_ip03.png "file groups")
3. Click on _Merge changes from File Groups Wizard_.
![merge changes](./images/edit_ip04.png "merge changes")
4. Click on _Customization Parameters_ in _Packaging Steps_.
![costomziation parameters](./images/edit_ip05.png "customization parameters")
5. Click on _Merge changes from customization Parameters Wizard_.
![merge changes](./images/edit_ip06.png "merge changes")
6. Click on _Review and Package_ in _Packaging Steps_.
![review and package](./images/edit_ip07.png "review and package")
7. Click on _Re-Package IP_.
![re-package ip](./images/edit_ip08.png "re-package ip")
8. Click _Yes_ to close the Project for the _axi4\_pl\_interrupt\_generator_.
![close project](./images/edit_ip09.png "close project")
You can go back to the Verilog code by clicking on _Flow Navigator -> Project Manager -> IP Catalog_.
![edit ip ip catalog](./images/edit_ip10.png "edit ip ip catalog")
And navigate to _User Repository -> AXI Peripheral -> axi4\_pl\_interrupt\_generator\_v1.0_ and right-click to open the context menu an choose _Edit in IP Packager_.
![edit ip edit in ip packager](./images/edit_ip11.png "edit ip edit in ip packager")

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