Commit 0b91a256 authored by Christoph Gerum's avatar Christoph Gerum

First version of automatic vm building

parent cb3a4cb0
mkdir -p local_config
mkdir -p local_config/ssh
ssh-keygen -f local_config/ssh/id_rsa -N ""
echo "#!/bin/bash" > local_config/
echo " " >> local_config/
echo 'echo "Setting local configuration"' >> local_config/
chmod ugo+x
\ No newline at end of file
mkdir -p advanced_computer_architecture
if [ ! -d gem5 ]; then
hg clone
cd gem5
hg pull
#scons build/ARM/gem5.debug
scons build/ARM/gem5.opt
#scons build/X86/gem5.debug
#scons build/X86/gem5.opt
cd $ca_dir
sudo wget
tar xvJf aarch-system-2014-10.tar.xz
cd $vagranthome
cp -r /vagrant/local_config/ssh ~/.ssh
\ No newline at end of file
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